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The opening of a Made in Japan “WA SPA”!
“Men's Esthetic Dandy House / Esthetic Miss Paris”
- Tremendously popular with foreigners! Japanese customers have come to rediscover the good qualities of Japan -

The Miss Paris Group (Location: Chuo-ku, Ginza, Tokyo: Representative: Akemi Shimomura) announced the launch of their new technology “WA SPA” to be provided at the 8 major salons of “Esthetic Miss Paris” and “Men's Esthetic Dandy House” starting from July 18 (Wed).

Courtesy, respect, politeness, and hospitality all come from the “Spirit of WA” that exists only in Japan. We wanted to create a “Made in Japan” spa where customers can experience the good qualities of Japan with their five senses - what they touch, what they see, what they smell, what they hear, and what they eat - and three years ago in 2015, the “WA SPA” with its sole focus on “Japan” opened in the center of Ginza. Japanese customers and many from abroad come visit to receive the “WA SPA” treatment. The “WA SPA” brand has developed as a technique (service) called “WA SPA” and will be deployed to 3 salons in Kanto, 3 stores in Kansai, 2 Dandy Houses in Tokai, and Miss Paris salons.

In Japan there are unique secrets to beauty and longevity. Beauty that exists only in Japan, could be created only in Japan. It is created from the “Spirit of WA” that exists only in this country. We will provide Japanese healing, beauty, and health to the people of the world through our “WA SPA”, which can only be made in Japan.

The Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games will be held in 2020 and it is expected that the number of tourists from abroad will increase. We wish to spread this made in Japan “WA SPA” as one of the attractions of the tourism nation “Japan”, which is drawing more and more attention from the world.

We will attract tourists from various countries to “want to come to Japan to receive the WA SPA” and will continue to work to revitalize the regional areas by adopting carefully selected Japanese products.

◆ WA SPA menu
WA SPA Body (60 min.) 18,000 yen (without tax)

Full body treatment using Japanese green bamboo which received health longevity supplications and camellia oil from the Izu Islands.

WA SPA Facial (60 min.) 18,000 yen (without tax)
Treatment using carefully selected Japanese products such as cream mixed with gold foil from Kanazawa and face masks of striped bamboo from Hokkaido.

WA SPA combination (120 min.) 33,000 yen (without tax)
Combination of WA SPA body and facial treatments. The treatment will regain balance of your mind and body.

◆ Salons where WA SPA is available
<Kanto> Shinjuku Main Branch, Ikebukuro Branch, Shibuya Miyamasuzaka Branch <Tokai> Nagoya Sakae Main Branch, Hilton Nagoya Branch
<Kansai> Umeda Main Branch, Namba Branch, Kyoto Branch in the above 8 Dandy House Miss Paris salons

Esthetic Miss Paris
Men's Esthetic Dandy House

【We would like to invite press representatives to our “WA SPA”】
Please come experience the WA SPA technique. We will invite you for free of charge.
If you would like to sign up for this experience, please let us know the desired date and time, the salon of your choice, and the menu of your choice.

Please contact here for inquiries about the experience and other inquiries.

Miss Paris Public Relations Advertising Section Ms. Riko Hotta
Telephone: 03-6757-6514 Direct: 070-2186-1971

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