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Miss Paris Lends a Hand to “Miss International” Pageant Contestants
“57th Miss International” to be held soon!
~Miss Paris to Become Their Exclusive Beauty Partner~

Miss Paris Group (main office: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza; representative: Akemi Shimomura) has been a long-time sponsor of one of the Big Three international beauty pageants, the Miss International pageant. The 57th Miss International pageant will be held in Tokyo Dome City Hall on November 14th (Tue), 2017. The Miss International pageant is a world–renowned “festival of beauty,” attracting beautiful women from all over the globe, who have a passion to contribute to the global community, and form deep bonds with each other as “goodwill ambassadors of beauty and peace.” Beautiful women representing approximately 75 countries and regions will be competing at the 57th Miss International pageant this year.

This year, the competitors of the 57th Miss International pageant, who represent about 75 countries and regions will visit Miss Paris spas in Ginza and Shinjuku on November 8 (Wed), to experience the utmost quality of the Japanese spa. Their beauty will be further enhanced with the “Leg Slimming Intensive Treatment” and “Face Slimming,” signature treatments at the spa.

Furthermore, Miss Paris has been supporting the Japanese representative competitor, Natsuki Tsutsui, as her exclusive beauty partner, for a year leading up to the international pageant. She will be gliding onto the stage of the international pageant in an impeccable condition, with her skin and body perfected and enhanced by Miss Paris’s treatments. The progress can be seen on her Instagram account (tsutsui_natsuki).

More tourists are visiting Japan as we prepare to welcome the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Now, tourists want to use their money and time on koto or intangible values that are only found in Japan, which has led to a beauty boom in the country. We aim to attract more tourists to Japan, as the competitors from different countries and regions share their story of the “made-in Japan” spa with the global audience.

Miss Paris will continue to support the Miss International pageant through top-quality treatments and spas that enhance a globally recognized beauty


◆57th Miss International Pageant Details◆

【Date and time】 November 14 (Tues), 2017 at 15:00 (doors open at 14:00)
【Venue】 Tokyo Dome City Hall
【Sponsor】 Japan Inter Culture (JIC)
【Competitors】 2017 Miss International representatives from various regions (about 75)
【Tickets】 Ticket Pia
【Official website】


About the Miss International Pageant

Miss International (officially the Miss International Beauty Pageant) started in the United States in 1960. It was held in the United States for seven years, but the venue was moved to Japan to celebrate the Japan World Exposition (Osaka, 1970). The representatives from each country compete in this international pageant with a passion for global peace, delivering a “prayer of peace” to all the countries in the world. The annual pageant also promotes the splendors of the host country, Japan.
The competitors of the Miss International pageant also pursue activities of international exchange individually. They contribute to the good relations between Japan and the rest of the world through social contributions, such as the Green Campaign, Miss International Forum, and Charity Events.

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