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Adoption of patented technology (*) which can simultaneously release low, mid and high frequencies between 10,000 and 250,000 hertz
The new treatment that "trains the facial muscles"- Facial Fitness
Available in all Miss Paris group salons from January 1st, 2017 (Sun)

Miss Paris group (location: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Akemi Shimomura; herein referred to as Miss Paris) will be starting "Facial Fitness," a new treatment which trains the facial muscles in a way that is not possible with self-care, from January 1st, 2017 (Sun), across all Miss Paris group salons simultaneously, including "Beauty Spa Miss Paris" and "The Men’s Aesthetic Salon Dandy House".
While various diets and beauty regimen have been garnering attention, the beauty of a firm body line and trained muscles is now supported by men and women, both young and old.
We have received many opinions from our customers, such as, "I succeeded in losing weight, but it bothers me that my face line is saggy," "my smile lines are becoming more prominent with age," and, "I can't train my facial muscles by myself".
The new treatment, "Facial Fitness," is a personal muscle training menu which is based on the concept, "you can train your body but not your face," and focuses on the five facial muscles (the zygomaticus minor, zygomaticus major, buccinators, risorius, and orbicularis oris muscle) out of more than 30 facial muscles, which especially affect facial expressions.
The original Wide Frequency Modulation Complex Waves derived from Miss Paris group's research while closely studying the movements of the facial muscles has been adopted.
Patented technology (*) which can simultaneously generate low, mid and high frequencies between 10,000 to 250,000 hertz and Miss Paris group's original apparatus with independently developed four program modes are used so that the muscles near the skin surface and deeper muscles can be trained at the same time.
Through "Facial Fitness," Miss Paris group will bring out the beautiful, bursting smiles from deep inside, by training the facial muscles which are invariably neglected by people today.

(*) Patent number: No. 3503135 Biological Stimulation System

"Facial Fitness" outline
"Facial Fitness" is a technique that trains the facial muscles by loosening the tight, stiff muscles and training them. In addition, the Electroporation Beauty Method allows cosmetic ingredients to reach the deeper layers of skin, so that tightening of skin and improvement of skin quality can be expected.

■Start date January 1st, 2017 (Sunday)
■Our stores 146 Miss Paris Group stores, both local and overseas
Beauty Spa Miss Paris (48 salons across Japan) Miss Paris Diet Center (30 salons across Japan)
Beauty Spa Dandy house (55 salons across Japan), Diet Centre by Dandy House (3 salons across Japan)
Overseas salons (a total of 10 salons across Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Taiwan)
■Price ¥16,000 yen (excluding tax) for a 60-minute session
■Step (60 minutes)
(1)Cleansing massage and brush cleansing * "Wide Frequency Modulation Complex Waves" by patented technology and Miss Paris group's independently developed four program modes are implemented
(2)Facial Fitness P mode
(3)Facial Fitness M mode
(4)Lotion pack & protection
■Features a "personal muscle training treatment for the face" which focuses on and trains five facial muscles.

・Miss Paris group's independently developed "Wide Frequency Modulation Complex Waves" is adopted.
By using an apparatus which implements patented technology which can simultaneously release low, mid and high frequencies between 10,000 and 250,000 hertz, both the facial muscles near the skin surface, and inner-muscles which are difficult to work-out can be trained.

Miss Paris group's original apparatus "Facial Muscle PRO"
Patent number (Japan): No. 3503135
Patent name: Biological Stimulation System
Patented in following countries: The United States, Italy, Germany, Britain, France, Japan, and South Korea

・Adoption of four program modes developed independently by Miss Paris group which train muscles efficiently
Varying the stimulations of waveform, frequency, and current, and creating a rhythm of contractions and stops can stimulate the skeletal muscles, cutaneous muscles, and facial muscles from various angles, so that all muscles, both slow-twitch and fast-twitch, can be trained

・As Miss Paris group's independently developed waveforms loosen your stiff facial muscles, the Electroporation Beauty Method introduces exclusive cosmetic ingredients to your skin. Frequency component of 250,000 Hz is released rapidly, releasing an equivalent of approximately 880 electroporation pulses per second.

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