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Building muscle while on a diet with double the protein!?
“Diet Meal - Brown Sugar Kinako Flavor”
Newly Released!
A mild flavor that will remind you of eating mochi.

Miss Paris Group’s Miss Paris, Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Akemi Shimomura) launched a new dietary supplement called the "Diet Meal Brown Sugar Kinako Flavor" (1 box = 15 servings), all across Japan on February 24th, 2016 (Wednesday). In addition, the original flavors, "Matcha au Lait" and "Chocolate" have been significantly reformulated to create a product lineup that will make for an enjoyable diet filled with a variety of flavors.

The newly released "Brown Sugar Kinako" flavor is a blend of plenty of deeply roasted, aromatic, high-quality Kyoto ground Kinako flour and Okinawa brown sugar that's been selected with their flavor pairing in mind. The end result is a delicate sweetness like that of a Kyoto confectionary.

This product contains a blend of 100% vegetable soy protein to encourage fat burning and animal milk protein to encourage muscle growth. This double protein drink is effective for dieters and muscle builders, and recommended for those who wish to have a youthful, beautiful, and healthy body shape.

They can be purchased at any of the salons run by Miss Paris Group's Miss Paris, Inc., including Beauty Spa Dandy House, Beauty Spa Miss Paris, Miss Paris Diet Center, and Diet Center by DANDY HOUSE, or the Miss Paris Online Shop.

The Miss Paris Group will continue to provide products and services that help people achieve fun and healthy lifestyles.

■ Product Features
"Diet Meal" Series
・Double protein with vegetable soy protein and animal milk protein!

<Vegetable Soy Protein>
Encourages fat burning and the lowering of cholesterol and neutral fats. It is said that it is the protein for weight loss and muscle maintenance diets because it suppresses your appetite and makes you digest and absorb food more slowly.
<Animal Milk Protein>
An increase in muscle can be expected with this protein as it is quick to absorb, and promotes the growth of muscle. It also contains all essential amino acids and has a variety of effects, such as enhancing the immune system.

Super Health Food
This well-balanced, rich blend not only contains 20g of protein and 8g of dietary fiber but also includes the necessary fat burning ingredient "L-carnitine" as well as other vitamins and minerals. It is a super health food that can meet all of your nutritional needs in one low-calorie meal.

■Product Overview

Name Amount Price
Diet Meal Brown Sugar Kinako Flavor 44g each x 15 eals

12,000 yen(Tax Excluded)

Diet Meal Matcha au Lait Flavor
Diet Meal Chocolate Flavor

・Diet Meal Brown Sugar Kinako Flavor

Nutritional Information (44g/bag)
Calories 153kcal Carbohydrates 12.9g
Protein 22.6g Sugar 5.0g
Protein3.0g Dietary Fiber 7.9g

・Diet Meal Matcha au Lait Flavor

Nutritional Information (44g/bag)
Calories 145kcal Carbohydrates 14.2g
Protein 21.9g Sugar 4.4g
Fat2.2g Dietary Fiber 9.8g

・Diet Meal Chocolate Flavor

Nutritional Information (44g/bag)
Calories 147kcal Carbohydrates 14.3g
Protein 21.5g Sugar 4.9g
Fat2.5g Dietary Fiber 9.4g

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