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2013 Wedding Ceremony Exclusive Bridal Diet Course Slimming course with 8 sessions Admission fee and all products included  Wedding Perfection Course included!

2013 Wedding Ceremony Exclusive Bridal Diet Course

We created a special plan exclusively  for this year's brides-to-be!

A limited time full course born from "Perfect Bridal by Miss Paris." Miss Paris thoroughly supports brides by taking care of every detail, from shaping up the body line to match the dress, to the necessary preparations the day before the ceremony and the day before the photo shoot!
We will help you look your best in your wedding dress.

Exclusive Bridal Special Plan


Beauty Check Fat Burn Million Wave
First, we will run a beauty check to determine your diet schedule counting down to the wedding day. Dispose the accumulated waste and improve the metabolism.


Fat Burn Cellulite Burn
By using the dedicated equipment, we will loosen the hardened fat and cellulite under skin surface. We focus on areas of concern, especially when you wear a revealing dress.


Fat Burn Million Wave Upper-arm Massage
With the God Hand Massage we will make your upper arm, uncovered by the dress, look slender and fresh! With the God Hand Massage we will make your upper arm, uncovered by the dress, look slender and fresh! By encouraging the lymphatic flow and the break down of fat, we will help you build a naturally slender body.


Beauty Check Triple Burn Slimming
The process is carefully checked in between to aim for a beautiful finish.


Triple Burn Slimming
Burn away the fat with our patented tools.


Triple Burn Slimming
Only one step away to obtain the figure ideal to the dress!


Triple Burn Slimming
Count down to the wedding! Getting the final touch-up done!


Triple Burn Slimming
The last shape up session before the ceremony!
You will achieve a firm, tight body to match and make you look beautiful in your dress.

Plus Special Care

Moreover! We have a Special Body Course prepared just for you to achieve the perfect body before the day of the ceremony!

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