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Face / Relaxation

Face / Relaxation

No matter what dress you are wearing, a relaxed face and eased heart is what will make you beautiful.


For glossy, white, glowing skin! Get bridal skin!

Pure Gold Beauty Zone Therapy One time 10,000 yen (Price excluding tax) Applicable only in Japan
Remove dullness and marks

We carry out a deep massage by applying pressure through the fingertips to the acupressure points in the face. As well as promoting improved blood circulation, pure gold cream creates youthful, shiny-looking skin with no blemishes or dullness.

Pure Gold Beauty Zone Therapy


Encounter the big day relaxed and at ease

Aroma Healing Therapy One time 18,000 yen (Price excluding tax) Applicable only in Japan
Simply to relax

A passionate full-body massage which combines Indonesian-style massage and Thai-style stretching. As your whole body is wrapped in aromatic fragrance, we'll gently heal both body and mind.

Aroma Healing Therapy

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