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Perfect Bridal by Miss Paris

For once in a lifetime bridal beauty treatments: Make it Miss Paris!

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Miss Paris original Bridal Diet Course!

Miss Paris original Bridal Diet Course! At Miss Paris we focus on perfecting your upper arms, under arms, back, decollete, or any other body part that is highlighted in your wedding dress!

The four basic courses of bridal beauty treatments by Esthetic Miss Paris

  • Weight loss / Tightening Cinderella Course For a body that would even fit a glass dress!
  • Partly Slimming Mermaid Course For a supple body line!
  • Acne / Dullness Snow White Course Wake up Snow White!
  • Aging Care Tinker Bell Course Cute, like a fairy!

The Wedding Type Bridal Treatments, only at Miss Paris!

  • Upperarm / Underarm Intensive Treatment For thin, long, beautiful upper arms
  • Decollete & Facial Treatments The decollete, a symbol of femininity
  • Back Beauty Treatment For the perfect back figure
  • Pure Gold Beauty Face Zone Therapy For glossy, white, glowing skin! Get bridal skin
  • Relaxing Aroma Healing Therapy Encounter the big day relaxed and at ease
  • ※ The prices for all bridal courses include our admission fee (valid for two years) ※ Courses are limited to one time per person

Let's spruce you up before your wedding!

An early counseling and a thoroughly treatment will give you the most satisfying results. Encounter your wedding day with the perfect wedding dress figure!

Miss Paris Bridal Diet

Safe Plan  (6 months) The perfect dress has yet to be found! Enough time for any dress!

6 months before the wedding
Start the meeting with bridal counselors regarding the body line for the wedding
5~3 months before the wedding
Before deciding on a dresstripple burndiet with
weight+size down
3~2 months before the wedding
Feel confident in your dress!
With our intensive treatment for back and upper arms
get slender and supple upper arms!
1 month before the wedding
Start of facials
Starting at this time, we provide intensive care sessions once per week for a pretty face that will be more photogenic
3 days before the wedding
The Final Sprint
Applying the finishing touch to a sharp body that'll look great in the dress
The day before the wedding
From head to toeMiss Paris specialfinish soft and smooth

Quick Plan (3 months) The dress is chosen! I want to have a beautiful, slender figure in my dress!

3 months before the wedding

A specialized bridal counselor proposes a diet plan based on your dress.
1 month before the wedding

Slenderizing and intensive sectional care
We thorough slenderize the area from your upper arms to your waistline, since it particularly stands out.
~3 weeks before the wedding
One week's intensive facials are about to start
are about to start
Being photogenic is the most important!
3 days before the wedding
Get ready to look great in your dress, when photos are taken
Final sprint

The day before the wedding

With the Miss Paris Special look perfect all over!

You'll be polished until you sparkle.

Messages from our Customers We helped many customers to accentuate their natural beauty with our Bridal Treatment. Here are some of the positive feedbacks we received from them.

  • To everyone of the staff at the Miss Paris Shibuya Diet Center I was able to successfully complete my wedding. Thanks to everyone's great efforts, I finally was able to achieve my weight goal! At my wedding, soooo many people told me, "you've lost weight! You look so beautiful, I am stunned!". That made me really happy. I would never have been able to lose that much weight and get a healthy body by myself.We were always having nice converstations and everyone was paying great attention to me. My time spent at the Shibuya Salon was a very comfortable and happy time. Moreover, I received a bouquet the day before the wedding, which brought me to tears! Lol Thank you so very much. Miss Paris Shibuya Diet Center Member, Mrs. Takezawa
  • To everyone of the staff at the Esthetic Miss Paris Ginza Salon I had the Bridal Treatment. Thank you very much for all you have done. I was able to successfully complete my wedding. Everyone that attended the ceremony complimented me about how beautiful and pretty I was. I thought about how glad I was to have gone to Miss Paris. But I was able to perfectly enjoy my big day without even thinking about them. I thank you with all my heart. Esthetic Miss Paris Ginza Salon Member, Mr. Imae
  • To everyone of the staff at the Miss Paris Umeda Diet Center We successfully completed our wedding ceremony. A lot of people told me I looked beautiful. It was a wedding I will never forget. I am so grateful that at that time I came upon Miss Paris, and got to meet you all. I was able to become somebody I have never been before, and wear my dress with confidence. It is all thanks to you that I was able to enjoy an unforgettable wedding. Please continue to make many women happy with your power to "make beautiful!". Thank you all so very much. Miss Paris Umeda Diet Center Member, Mrs. Yoshii
  • To everyone of the staff at the Miss Paris Umeda Diet Center I was surprised at how beautiful and thin I had become thanks to everyone. I was able to face my once in a lifetime wedding with confidence, and for that I am more grateful than I can say to the whole staff. Thank you all! Miss Paris Umeda Diet Center Member, Mrs. Naruse

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