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Esthetic Miss Paris Home Find out> your body type

Find out your body type

Check your proportions!

CHECK1 What is your ideal weight?

Heightcm Weightkg

You need -00kg for a healthy body weight.

You need -00kg for a healthy body weight.

■ healthy weight
Height (in meters) x height (in meters) x 22
)※ It is said that Japanese people are least likely to become sick when their weight is equal to this amount.
■ Beauty weight
Height (in meters) x height (in meters) x 20
)※This is the standard for the ideal weight for beauty

CHECK2 How do you gain weight?

It is easy to gain weight because of sugar Eat well staple carbohydrate like rice, bread, and noodles
I prefer strong flavors like deep-fried foods and savory sauces. You get frustrated when your stomach is empty
I often eat and drink too fast. You often drink alcohol
It is easy to lose weight by diet, but it is easy to rebound. It is easy to gain weight because of lipid
I plan to cut down on staples but end up eating a lot of side dishes. I like oily, deep-fried food, such as potato chips
You can put up with quite stomach even hungry. I overeat when I get stressed.
I eats a lot of snacks and I like strong flavors It is hard to lose weight by dieting
Because there is little muscle, it is difficult to slim down after putting on weight. My weight and appearance are slender.
My face shape is slender. I have slender limbs and it's hard to put on fat or muscle.
With protein, it is hard to put on fat and excess blood and easy to lose weight, but once you have gained a lot of weight it is hard to lose it. I don't like greasy and sweet food.
I like plain food like vegetables, tofu, and white fish. I am quite fine without eating
I take meals in irregular hours. I do not eat breakfast or eat only yogurt and salad

Find out your body type

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