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Beautiful in the back as well... Back Beauty Treatment

Beautiful in the back as well... Back Beauty Treatment

Back Beauty Treatment
Care the concerned trouble on your back, and tone your skin to bring bright and sleek texture.

  • The care for troubles with acnes, acne scars, and age spots.
  • Check your back beauty level

The care for troubles with acnes, acne scars, and age spots.

Do you have any problem about your back that is unable to check by your own?

  • Acnes
  • Acne Scars
  • Age spots

This is a technique using thorough cleansing, a massage and a whitening pack to bring its original fine texture to the back, which is difficult to take care of by oneself. The aim is to restore secretion of oils to normal by removing excess oils in the pores as well as dead skin cells, which stimulates this normalization. It is recommended for troubles with pimples, acne scars, and age spots.

  1. Cleansing Massage
    Cleansing Massage

    Massage over all the back with this cleansing milk blended with aromatherapy components. We completely remove impurities from the surface of your skin, while draining away waste matter.

  2. Enzyme Wash
    Enzyme Wash

    After washing your skin with the enzyme pack, we clean your entire back with a brush. It effortlessly washes away any carbohydrates, oil and protein on the skin surface that is hard to remove with a regular soap wash.

  3. Suction

    Through use of specialized equipment, fat and dirt trapped in the pores is easily removed.

  4. Tightening Mask
    Tightening Mask

    This mask for your back is effective in tightening, whitening, moisturizing, and skin regeneration. The end result is beautiful, well-moisturized skin.

  5. Lotion Mask
    Lotion Mask

    Finally, we use a lotion that matches the skin type of customers, and tone your skin while salving.

Please place check marks to the following that apply.

  • You don't use bathtub.
  • You take only shower in a moment.
  • You wash your body by hand or sponge.
  • You get sweat easily.
  • You go to the sea and pool every year and exposure to ultraviolet rays during the day.
  • Your back is dry and you feel itchy in winter.
  • You often eat out, food with lots of fat, less vegetables, food preference.
  • You often eat and prefer carbohydrate (like bread,rice,noodles)
  • You are a smoker.
  • You drink alcohol 2~3 or more times a week.
  • You sleep less than 5 hours.
  • You go to bed around 0:00 am.
  • You have menstrual disorder.
  • You get stressed and fatigued easily.
  • You don't get weight.

For those who place two or more marks, it is easy to have problems on their backs.

those who place checks for item A mostly

External factors, leads to the condition that stands out as "pimple" and "aging skin".
Acne becomes more likely to appear when, due to dirt that cannot be completely cleaned, the horny substances of the skin thicken and the pores are clogged with serum. Additionally, acne break-outs become more frequent in the summer because of skin oxidization and bacterial infections caused by sweat. When this becomes chronic, the turnover stops working properly. This means that scars from acne will remain, aging will become faster and, with the added damage from UV rays, stains and dullness will appear, and the skin will become dry and rough.

those who place checks for item B mostly

Internal factors, leads to the condition that stands out as "pimples" and "aging skin".
People can lose homeostasis in their bodies for many different reasons: eating environment, sleep conditions, living somewhere with sudden temperature changes, stress, hormone imbalance, etc. When agitated, blood circulation deteriorates, the excretion of toxins fails to go smoothly and, with many people, signs of such problems become visible on their backs.

Back Beauty Treatment

※ Individual results may vary.


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